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New Councellors for C4C

Posted by Claire at 11:47 on 29 Nov 2018


Counselling for Carers (C4C) is a counselling service for adult carers living in Devon.

'We take on new counsellors twice a year and it is always lovely to see them starting on their counselling journey' said Sue Nicholls Manager of Action East Devon's C4C service. Counsellors join us to gain their placement hours which will then lead to them becoming fully qualified Therapeutic Counsellors.

We take students from colleges primarily in East and South Devon that require 100-150 hours of voluntary placement time to become qualified. To start their training with us, colleges must have seen students counselling and consider them to be competent to start working with clients.

When we take on new councellors, we look for those who have had experience in the caring world and are willing to go that extra mile. 'It's a great experience for them and enables us to provide low cost counselling for carers throughout the Devon area' says Sue.

In October, we took on 10 new counsellors, predominantly from the South and East Devon area, they will stay with us for 12-18 months and provide over 1000 hours of counselling for carers in need of our services.

To find out more about our service, please click this link - C4C