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Less Than a Month to Apply for Devon Communities Grant: Deadline 31st Jan 2019!

Posted by Claire at 11:44 on 23 Oct 2018


 Have you got an idea?

 Are you doing something that could be developed further?

 Do you want to do more to support people in your community?

 Is your project based in Devon or Plymouth?

What is the Community Grants Fund?

The Community Grants Fund is an initiative to support people like you in setting up something to help people develop community-driven initiatives which:

support and empower people in Devon to have greater choice and control over their health and care by supporting them to increase their knowledge or skills or to support improved confidence and motivation.

Grants of up to £300 are available to support your idea. Schemes should benefit a group of people rather than just one individual, and they should benefit people living within an area of Devon. You do not need to be a constituted group or charity to apply for this grant.

Applying for Funding

Applications are assessed by a panel of local people who will check whether schemes meet the criteria above and are likely to achieve their aims. Panels meet twice a year and you should make sure your application is submitted in time for the panel to discuss. You can apply using the form below or if you prefer use video, pictures or audio.

There are two closing dates for EAST DEVON applications:

  • Friday 23rd November 2018
  • Thursday 31st January 2019
  • The fund is being administered by Teignbridge CVS. Click on their website here - www.teigncvs.org.uk/support/grant

    to access the Application Form and further information.

    For support with your application, you can contact the Communities Team at Action East Devon on 01404 549 045

    How will we know if we’ve made a difference?

    We expect projects to be able to show they have made a difference within 6 months of being granted funds. We are keen to understand how the money you have received has made a difference and we will contact you after 6 months to discuss your project with you and, where possible, arrange a visit to meet with you to see your project in action.